Our Programs

Efforts within each program work together symbiotically to support and guide the services & resources provided, laddering back to overarching Wishart goals.

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The Artist Advocacy Program is a platform that allows artists to harness the power of their art and self to promote mental health to their fans and the public.

While few artists currently use their art and personal platform to speak publicly about mental health, the space is highly individualized and often time speaking about mental health themes is dangerous for an artist.

Due to the stigma associated with speaking publicly about mental health, self-promotion about art that pertains to mental health topics has been quite taboo for some time, and has the possibility of hurting an artist’s career due to public perceptions about mental health and subsequently the artist as a person.

In order to build a safety net for artists when they speak about mental health topics, and provide artists the outlets and channels that they need to successfully promote their art and their emotions, The Wishart Group aims to create partnerships with media outlets, brands, and other for-profit and non-profit organizations to provide safe avenues for media and content coverage, as well as media training for artists to provide them with the opportunity to start and continue the conversation about mental health, without polarizing or hurting their career or self in the process.


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The Artist Resource Program is the creation of a mental health resource kit to offer to artists free of charge to address their mental health needs.

By packaging and offering tools such as mindfulness applications, access to dietitians, educational materials around mental health treatment options, and mentorship about how to approach the stressors of touring, art production, and scheduling, we aim to provide a platform to help artists address their mental health needs in relationship to their careers.

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The Science & Research Program supports all Wishart Group initiatives, providing information, data, and legitimacy to the work.

With a network of scientists, doctors, and mental health research organizations, The Wishart Group plans to use data and information to help guide the systems and programs provided to support artists.

The Wishart Group also plans to continue working with mental health organizations by incorporating programs that help benefit their research.

Further, by partnering with scientists and other research organizations, we plan to track and measure our successes, and use the data we collect to direct our future initiatives for the resource program.